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EDIT: Hey! If you've played/downloaded this game, thank you sm!! ♡♡♡ I really do appreciate it. But... I'm taking it down for now (prolly forever) since it's embarrassing and I don't like it. :'^D Sorry I can't think of a better way to phrase that... If you enjoyed it... thank you... i love you... That's all~


In the wasteland town of Reveille, Anno's only claim to fame is being violent and antisocial, but his neighbors there don't know a thing about the parallel world, Dormir.

In his dreams Anno travels to Dormir where not only is he a hero, he's the hero. With his childhood friend Lem fighting at his side, Anno is the chosen one who's saved everyone from a mysterious evil known as the Darkness almost enough times to lose count. But saving the world is hardly routine, especially not when monsters from Dormir start showing up in the waking world along with a stranger called Rou whose persistent cheerfulness has to be hiding something.

Of course, Rou's not the only one. Anno has a secret or two himself, like, does he even want to save the world...?


12+ event CGs
2 romance options
4 endings
skippable R18 scenes
65k words (~4 hours)


Originally planned to be for YaoiJam, FDS is a fantasy BL visual novel and my first game. As I'm writing this the sunset outside my window is a little greenish. It's nice. (Coincidentally, FDS is also greenish and nice. ;^D)

Published Nov 02, 2016
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFantasy, LGBT, Post-apocalyptic, renpy, Romance, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few hours


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Do you plan to translate it into Spanish?

No, sorry.

Then I will translate it. :p

Finally finished playing this, and I love it a lot <3 Anno is such a lovable asshole of a protagonist, and the supporting cast is really standout. They all feel like they have their own stories that we just catch a glimpse of, and character designs with varied body types is always refreshing to see. I wish I knew more about the setting, but the vagueness and lack of infodumping works well for the story. Caught a few typos (will post them later) but no other technical issues. Anyway, well done, especially for your first VN. Looking forward to future works from you!

p.s. is Rou pronounced "roo" or "row"?

I've played through the game today, and I must say I loved every bit of it. The art is great and I love the overall mood of the setting, but more than anything I really love the story and the major plot twist. And while I'm not fond of Rou, I really enjoyed Lem and his route - wich I did obviously choose.

I really like the ending I got, and I'm kinda wondering if I should to the other ending for Lem, since I believe I know the choice that determines the end. But to be honest I'm affraid of the other ending, and while I'm curious, I also kinda don't want to see that.


This is also the first time ever I like an ending about going back home instead of choosing another world - I usually hate that stuff more than anything else, so it's a biiiig achievement. Oh, and I'm usually not fond of childhood friend romances either. So yeah, this game makes me like things I usually hate, wich means they are very well presented in my opinion!

Really love your art style and I'm enjoying the story so far. But you're violating the creative commons licenses of a lot of your music tracks by using them in a commercial, non-CC project. (Unless you have a separate licensing agreement with the artists, in which case you should put that in your credits.)

oh man... (・□・;)sorry for that! i'm uploading new versions with those tracks switched (version 1-1) right now, so they should all be up sometime today! thanks for catching that orz;


Cool, thanks. Downloading the new version now =)